Hi! I'm Angela, and I'm The Girl Who Went Paleo. I started this blog to keep myself motivated to eat the right things and work out in order to feel well (and not to look 'good' for others.) Be encouraged, join in on the topics, share some recipes. Sit back and relax and let me tell you about my paleo experience!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

How About It?

I love feeling my best. Waking up early; not hitting the snooze button; having a smile on my face instead of a frown. Life is good when we feel good. Am I right? You know I am.
I've been eating paleo since January 2012 when I experienced a Whole30 with my Crossfit box, CrossfitFiveFlags. This new learned eating pattern turned into a habit which you don't ever want to break. The behavior of eating whole foods: green, leafy vegetables; orange, red, purple, blue, yellow veggies and fruits. Eating zero grains. Eating zero sugars, unless is was in a vegetable or fruit already. Eating fats. Hey, guess what? You need fats to keep you going. They last longer than carbs do and keep you fuller longer. Avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, tree nuts - those are all fats that we should be eating at every meal, including snacks. Also incorporating healthy proteins such as eggs and lean meats at every meal.
So, the Whole30 that I mentioned earlier is a little bit different than paleo. When you've completed a Whole30 (and I totally recommend doing one before going paleo), you eliminate all the bad foods and drinks you normally consume. Hey, that whole wheat you think is so good for you will bloat your stomach, make you gassy, and could very well give you the sniffles (like having allergies or a cold.) When you transition into paleo eating, you can add back things like honey or maple syrup or dairy. You test each food for a few days and see if you have any negative reactions to it. If not, it may be safe for you to consume. What's 'safe' for you won't necessarily be safe for someone else. For example, I tolerate wheat (although I bloat after consuming it), but my sister's world turns upside down.. meaning, her stomach is heavily affected by wheat.
What I consider paleo, you may not because of your intolerance to what I'm tolerant to. I occasionally eat cheese. I occasionally eat a sugar-infested cookie. I occasionally eat a bowl of cereal. But most days, I try to be as paleo or as whole-food-eatin' as possible. This works for me and it may or may not work for you but I encourage you to try this lifestyle.

Everyone that I know who has tried the Whole30 or the paleo lifestyle absolutely loves it. They notice a change in their physique, their mentality, their alertness, their sleep is better, and they overall just feel great.

I staved off a cold this year when my kids were sick with fevers and ear infections by consuming honey and coconut oil. Sounds crazy to some, but to most of us paleo/homeopathic/whole-foods consuming folks.. well, we all know there's healing properties in foods.

Keep coming back to this blog, because I promise you'll learn something new. You'll get tid-bits of knowledge that you may not have thought about before. I also host a blog called Easy Peasy that has a lot of paleo recipes in it so feel free to browse it. I'll be posting paleo recipes here as well.

Are you living a paleo lifestyle? If you are, please let me know why you made that choice. If you aren't, wouldn't you like to start feeling better? Join with me! It's not only an investment in your health, it's an investment in your longevity and future.

I worked out today and I feel great. I did my kettle bell video today. What did you do to get stronger in case the zombies come?


  1. Hi Angela! Glad to find your blog! I just started paleo about 2 weeks ago. I haven't done the Whole30, but I'm thinking about it or the 21 Day Sugar Detox. Sugar seems to be my big problem!
    PS: I'm in Pensacola also!

    1. Hi Tina!
      Do you have to pay for the detox program? I used to have an insane sweet tooth but don't anymore thankfully.
      when ate you going to start?

  2. It's a downloadable PDF. I found it on the Balanced Bites website. Yes there was a charge of $21. I'm not sure if you really have to get the PDF or not. It's kind of basic strict Paleo with no fruit. There is also a Facebook page for it. I was going to start Oct. 1, but then realized that October is my son's 21st birthday and my Mom's..that might be too tempting. Since improving my diet (I hesitate to say I'm doing a perfect job on Paleo) my sweet tooth has improved a lot! Have to say that surprised me!

    1. It'll be good to do a sugar detox. You have to let me know how you like that and if it's similar the paleo. I had a super, terrible, ginormous sweet tooth before I went paleo and now it's gone. I do crave sweets every 2-3 months or so and I do binge for a few days. I regret it and the onslought of zits happen and I swear I'll never eat sweets again ;)
      Happy early birthday to your son and Mom!!!

  3. I started the Paleo diet about a month ago for health reasons, trying to get off two meds for high BP and high cholesterol. I dropped six pounds the first week without evening trying, and my husband lost five. Encouraging to say the least. I have the hardest time staying away from cheese. I love caprese salad, esp in the summer when tomatoes are fresh, but only have it moderately because of the mozzarella. Just discovered your blog, and I can tell it's going to be a staple for us! Thank you so much!

  4. Hi Cyndi,

    Congrats on your weight loss as well as your husband's! I love knowing the food I eat (now) won't bloat me and won't make me inflamed. That's where most of my weight comes from if I eat poorly.
    Keep trucking! You're going to learn so much about yourself and food in the next few weeks. It will amaze you at what you thought was healthy and what you now know is healthy.
    PS.. I used to eat 3-4 string cheeses a day and now I only eat cheese on a burger or if it's the only thing in the house. Cheese and sugar were my best friend's and now I rely on other things.
    You slay your cheese demon if you want to :)
    Good luck and keep me posted on how ya'll are doing!

  5. Hi Angela, I'm new to paleo upon my naturopaths recommendation following some health issues; and stumbled across your blog when i searched for 'pumpkin paleo' on pinterest. Super excited to read a few more of your posts and see what you have learnt.
    Andie xx