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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Water. How much do you drink?

Water. How much do you drink?

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Click on this link to watch the video concerning water consumption as well as an answer to countering caffeine consumption.

Did you know that our bodies need a lot of water to keep our muscles and joints lubricated? One 8oz. cup a day isn't going to cut it. Let's be real for a moment. If you sit at a desk at your job or are constantly on the computer, do you make the time to drink water? Do you drink a cup of coffee on your drive to work, then realize it's time for lunch and drink a soda or a cup of water and then not drink anything until late that night at dinner? Well, that's what I used to do and I can't believe that I functioned properly.. well, I functioned whether it was properly or not.

When we drink the right amount of water our bodies need, we help to ensure our entire body systems, inside and out, are functioning properly. I love how this website shows exactly what happens when we drink water and what happens when we don't drink enough water.

Some great benefits of drinking water are: detoxification, supplies moisture to the air in our lungs, and the one I like the most is is lubricates our joints.

Some bad things happen when we don't drink enough such as: dehydration, tiredness, headaches and/or migraines, and constipation. Check out that link above to visit the website and check this one out as well. I love this information!

So what happens when I don't drink enough water? I'm cranky, my head hurts, I'm hungry, I'm tired. Everything is more exaggerated when we don't feel well and most of our problems could be avoided if we simply drank enough water during the day.

"I don't like the taste of water" is what you'll tell me if you don't drink enough water... or... "It makes me pee too much." Well, DUH it's going to make you pee. Hey, that means your urinary system is working properly. Know how to rid the "yuckiness" of water? Squeeze a lime or a lemon in it.


"Well, how much do I drink?" is your next question, isn't it? If you're inactive (meaning not doing any exercise that day), you should drink half your body weight in ounces. So, if you're 150lbs., you should drink 75oz. of water a day. If you do exercise that day, add another 8-10oz. of water per hour of exercise.

If you're afraid you'll be up all night peeing, drink the majority of your water during the morning hours then have the last 10-20 ounces after lunchtime.

Maybe a goal for you to start with is drinking half your body weight in water daily. Start out by drinking 10-20oz. before eating breakfast then the rest will be easy from there. Personally, I like my water nice and cold but when I exercise, I like it to be room temp.

Try it. It may be hard at first. You may forget to drink enough several days in but just give it a try. Monitor how you feel before you start then monitor how you feel during the day when you are drinking enough water.

Either way, drinking water is by far the best liquid you can consume so just give it a try. You may like it!


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  1. great post, i really don't like drinking water even though i know i should. this inspired me to try to drink more. I am a wake up and have coffee, then maybe a juice or two during the day and wine with dinner :(